Revolutionise Your Event with an AI-Enhanced Photo Booth

Transforming every photo into a masterpiece, Snap & Slay offers an unparalleled AI-powered photo booth experience for your events. Elevate the excitement and interaction at your gatherings like never before.

Example Face Swap

Step Into a New Persona: AI Face Swap Experience

Discover the magic of AI Face Swap at Snap & Slay, where we blend art and technology to create unforgettable memories. Our cutting-edge AI Face Swap feature lets you and your guests swap faces with famous characters, and celebrities, or even transform into a work of art, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement to your event's photography.

Preview & Print Before/After AI Output

Drag the cursor to show AI Effects

User Background Prompt: "Sandy Beach with Trees"
AI Face Swap Style: "Smooth Cartoon"


User-Generated AI Background Replacement

Our advanced feature empowers guests to become the architects of their own photographic backdrops. Simply write down your dream background — a majestic castle, a serene beach, a futuristic cityscape, or anything else you can envision — and watch as our AI technology seamlessly integrates it into your photo.

How does our AI Photo Booth work?

Our professional team will set up the AI Photo Booth and (optional) backdrop at your event location.

(Premium AI Photo Booth Setup)

(Compact Setup)


(Open Studio-Style Setup)

2. Capture
Attendees strike a pose and snap a photo.

3. AI Background Replacement
Enter a prompt to describe your background.

4. Face Swap
Choose your desired style of face and hair segmentation for adults, kids, and pets.

5. Print/Social Sharing
Within seconds, your AI-generated image is ready to be branded, printed and shared.

AI Photos that actually look like you!

Adapt our modern AI technology to your event's theme, ensuring your vision is brought to life in every photo captured by your attendees.

Career Change








Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to hire an AI Photo Booth?

    Prices start from £675 for a 2-hour hire period and we offer additional hours, day-rates and long-term hire pricing.
  • What type of events can I use this for?

    An AI photo booth is a great addition to wow your guests at any event.
  • Is a physical backdrop required?

    No. Our AI with automatically remove the background from the subject.
  • Is internet access required for the AI to work?

    Yes, images are sent to our AI server for processing.
  • What are the space & power requirements?

    For a premium setup, we need at least 2.4m x 2.4m of floor space for optimal results. However, our compact setup can be placed anywhere (under shelter) and is fully battery-operated.
  • How long does it take to set up?

    It takes around 1 hour for installation and 45 minutes for dismantling.

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