The Black and White 'Kardashian' Photo Booth Hire Experience

Hollywood glamour has found its way into our events, thanks to the popularity of the Kardashians, our Kardashian Photo Booth Hire is now the most requested service for weddings this summer. We are thrilled to bring this glamorous experience to our clients through our modern take on the traditional photo booth picture. It’s not just a simple black-and-white photo booth setting, it's so much more!

Kardashian Photo Booth Hire

What makes our Kardashian Photo Booth Hire unique?

Snap & Slay's Kardashian-style photo booth is equipped with an industry-first, adjustable beauty filter that allows you to choose the level of intensity. This ensures that each photo captures your natural beauty without the risk of overexposed images or an unnatural appearance.

We offer our clients two unique experiences for an unforgettable Kardashian Photo Booth Hire.

Option 1: Social Setup (using our GIF Booth)

  • LED Ring-light for soft lighting
  • Still Photos, GIFs and Boomerangs
  • Suitable for social media where image quality isn't the main priority

Option 2: Professional Setup (using our Premium Photo Booth)

  • Advanced 3-Point Lighting Setup
  • Professional grade image quality
  • Adjustable filter intensity
  • Best for events that require the highest-quality
Kardashian Photo booth

Benefits of Hiring a Black and White Photo Booth

A Black and White photo booth makes for excellent shareable content. We facilitate this by instantly sending photos straight to guests' phones via email or text - no apps needed.

Why clutter the frame with props when you can let the focus be on you? We encourage our guests to embrace a minimalist, modern look that leads to Hollywood-quality photo perfection.

Our bespoke print designs are simple and elegant, resulting in photo prints that are truly pieces of art. Many of our clients choose to enlarge and frame our photos, transforming them from mere prints to cherished works of art.

Kardashian Photo Booth Hire London

The Kardashian Photo Booth Hire is perfect for a wide range of events like celebrating a birthday party in Shoreditch, a wedding in Mayfair, or hosting an influencer event at The Business Design Centre.


Simple setup with GIF Booth

Professional setup with Premium Photo Booth

White Backdrop with Additional Lighting

Built for a Seamless Experience

To further enhance your event, see our most popular add-ons to complement our services.

Online Gallery + Digital Downloads

As part of our service, we provide an exquisite online gallery that can be effortlessly shared with your guests, enabling you to view and download your photos with ease.

Clean White Backdrop

Our optional 8FT X 8FT White Backdrop is the best choice for a black and white photo booth as it allows the subjects to stand out with a clean and timeless background.

Optional Printer Add-on

Our optional high-speed printing service provides you and your guests with the option to print your cherished moments on the spot, making it ideal for taking home a keepsake or placing it in a guest book.

Self-Service Option

We understand that some clients prefer a more hands-off approach, which is why we also offer a self-service option that does not require a dedicated attendant, while still ensuring a seamless experience and ensuring your guests have a great time.

The Best of Both Worlds - B&W or Colour

The Kardashian Filter can be applied to either Black & White or Colour Photos. This gives you the flexibility to choose between the glamorous look of a B&W photo or a vibrant colour photograph.

Kardashian Photo booth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a Kardashian Photo Booth work?

    A Kardashian Photo Booth is essentially a modern take on the traditional photo booth, where images are processed before they are saved in black and white. A soft skin beauty filter is applied to remove any blemishes for a glamour appearance.
  • How much does it cost to hire a Kardashian Photo Booth?

    Prices typically start from £425 for a 2-hour hire period. However, the price may vary depending on the type of setup and overall hire duration. Please contact us for an exact quote.
  • Is there any limit to the number of photos that can be taken during the event?

    We offer Unlimted Sessions which means there are no limits to the number of photos taken. If a printer is added on, we typically print 2 copies per session, one for the guest to keep, and one for the guest book.
  • Do you offer photos in portrait orientation?

    Yes, the layout and overall design can be completely customised.
  • What are the differences between Option 1 and Option 2?

    For Option 1, we use the GIF Booth. For Option 2, we use the Premium Photo Booth.
    Please visit each page to see the differences. If you're not sure which would be better for your event, please contact us and we'll gladly explain the pros and cons of each.
  • How much space is needed for a full setup?

    For a full setup that includes a backdrop and additional lighting, we recommend allocating a floor space of 8ft x 8ft (Option 1) or 10ft x 10ft (Option 2), allowing guests ample room to avoid casting shadows on the backdrop.
  • What's the typical setup and breakdown time?

    It typically takes about 1.5 hours to set up and 45 minutes to break down.
  • Are there any specific power or technical requirements for operating the Selfie Pod?

    We'll just need access to a standard 13A, 3-Pin UK Power Socket. We come equipped with power extensions and floor tape for your convenience.

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