Photo Mosaic Wall Hire for Events in London

Snap & Slay's Photo Mosaic Wall Hire offers a brand-new experience to your guests, ensuring that your event remains a vivid memory for them. From award ceremonies, conferences, product launches to exhibitions, create a lasting impression at your event, no matter the nature or scale.

Applications of a Photo Mosaic Wall

Our Photo Mosaic Wall is adaptable and can be integrated into various event types:

  • Brand Activation: Enhance your campaign, event, or interaction to foster brand awareness and create enduring connections with your audience.
  • Product Launches: Generate a social media buzz with your product launch. Guests can post pictures with your new product to social media, which then become part of the mosaic.
  • Conferences: Unite your delegates with a mosaic of your company logo or event slogan.
  • Exhibition Stands: Make your exhibition stand the talk of the event. The mosaic wall is a great way to interact with visitors to your stand.
  • Pop-Up Stores: Engage passers-by with the intriguing prospect of participating in the creation of a mosaic.

Digital and Printed Options for Greater Flexibility

Our Photo Mosaic Wall comes with digital and printed image options, offering a live feed of the mosaic creation process, and a printed image as a keepsake after the event. Our brand ambassadors ensure that each photo label is applied accurately, guaranteeing a perfect final mosaic.

You can easily broadcast the digital mosaic live over the internet by entering the unique URL into your browser, offering real-time access to the evolving mosaic. This remarkable online function allows those not physically present at the event to still participate in the creation of the digital mosaic. All you have to do is upload your image, and you will be integrated into the digital mosaic.

Photo Mosaic Images: Diverse and Inclusive Sources

The photo mosaic wall offers various sources for gathering images:

Roaming Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booths

Collect images for the mosaic by setting up a photo booth at the event, which will capture photos and instantly transform them into mosaic tiles.

Event Photographer / Roamer

We can include images captured by an event photographer or Roamer into the mosaic by keeping track of a designated folder where these photos are stored.

Social Media Interaction

We can make use of event-specific hashtags to incorporate any images shared on Twitter or Instagram into the photo mosaic.

Virtual Photo Booth

Our virtual photo booth feature allows guests to take photos from their own smartphones no matter where they are. These photos can then be easily added to the photo mosaic, enhancing the inclusivity and reach of the interactive artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the printed photo mosaic wall?

    Depending on your event's scale and the desired complexity of your image, we offer various mosaic sizes:

    Small: 18 x 18 photo mosaic (324 photos), Medium: 25 x 25 photo mosaic (625 photos), Large: 40 x 25 photo mosaic (1,000 photos), Extra Large: 60 x 35 photo mosaic (2,100 photos)

    Each mosaic is printed on high-quality 5mm Foamex material, and attached to a modular frame at your venue. Our packages also include space for branding below the mosaic grid, allowing for additional brand promotion.
  • Where can the Photo Mosaic Wall be used?

    A printed Photo Mosaic Wall can be used at a wide range of events such as award ceremonies, conferences, product launches, exhibitions, and more. It's also great for pop-up stores and as a front-of-house display for businesses such as restaurants.

    A Photo Mosaic Wall in digital format can be displayed on any screen that has an internet connection.
  • Can I create a photo mosaic if my event has already finished?

    If you've already hosted an event but missed out on the Mosaic Wall experience, don't worry! With our post-event service, you can send us your event images, and we will create a digital or printed photo mosaic for you. This service is a wonderful way to extend the memory of the event and continue the engagement with your audience.
  • How can guests contribute their photos to the Photo Mosaic Wall?

    Guests can contribute their photos through our photo booth experiences, social media using an event hashtag or a digital service such as email or WhatsApp.
  • Can the Photo Mosaic Wall be delivered outside of London?

    Yes, we can deliver, install, and run the photo mosaic wall across the UK and throughout Europe and America.

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