Premium Photo Booth Hire for Luxury Events

The sleek and portable Premium Photo Booth Hire is a popular choice for creating memorable brand experiences. Designed with professional-grade equipment and integrated Photoshop technology, it delivers exceptional image quality. The user experience is seamless, thanks to its large, easy-to-use touchscreen.

Premium Photo Booth Hire

Snap & Slay's Premium Photo Booth Features


Showcase your brand's logo and design elements, making the booth an eye-catching centrepiece at your event. Fully brand its physical appearance, touch screen menus, prints and digital output.

Small footprint & strong build quality

The streamlined design allows for maximum floor space without compromising stability. The printer is built into the base and hidden away.


The modular build offers different use case scenarios. Opt for an additional touchscreen at the back, suitable for sharing stations, data collection or adverts.

Latest technology

Utilising the latest technology, our premium photo booth hire experience offers cutting-edge features and immersive interactions that elevate your event and engage your guests like never before.


Benefits of Hiring a Premium Photo Booth

Equipped with programmable tech and user-friendly features, Snap & Slay's Premium Photo Booth Hire is an invaluable addition to any corporate event, ensuring engagement and enjoyment for all attendees.

Designed to cater to professional events, such as brand launches and tradeshows at Excel, our open-style setup allows more guests to participate and capture memorable moments together.

The versatile and durable design is suitable for both short or long-term installations and events with high footfall, making it an excellent choice for creating lasting brand experiences.

Premium Photo Booth Hire London

A photo booth for marketing: The perfect companion to deliver results at your next brand activation, corporate event, trade show and more!


Corporate photo booth

Photo booth brand activation


Trade show photo booth

Photo booth fixed-install

All The Features You Need For The Perfect Event

In addition to top-quality photos, our Premium Photo Booth Hire offers:

Photo Strips, Portraits or Postcards

Frame design and photo layout are fully customisable to your exact requirements. Easily include logos, overlays, QR codes and more.

Full Exterior Branding

The Premium Photo Booth is designed to be fully branded. It's simple to brand the exclosure using our design template.

Online Event Gallery + Digital Downloads

The online event gallery showcases your photos so guests can easily view and download their images.

Surveys, Data Collection & Analytics

Enable feedback surveys and collect user data such as names and email addresses.

Photoshop Built-in

Thanks to our seamless integration with Photoshop, we can produce advanced image outputs that defy limits! The possibilities are endless.

Kardashian Style Filter

The Premium Photo Booth is suitable for the Kardashian Photo Booth look. It offers lightning-fast processing times and the best quality photos.

Advanced Green Screen Compatible

In addition to changing digital backgrounds, create advanced green screen effects like subject resizing and positioning.

Photo Mosaic Compatible

This is an extra feature where each individual photo is converted into a mosaic tile. The mosaic tiles are then automatically processed to create one large 'final mosaic'.

Premium Photo Booth Hire for Events

Check out some of our work below in various photo formats.

Portrait Photo Booth
Branded Photo Booth
Chinese Asian Wedding Photo Booth
Premium Photo booth at Somerset House
Premium Photo Booth for Christmas
Premoium Photo Booth Hire London Brand activation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the Premium Photo Booth Hire different from others?

    With its all-in-one capabilities and open-style setup, this has been designed for events with a high focus on visual appearance, making it suitable for brand campaigns or most luxury events.
  • How much does it cost for the Premium Photo Booth Hire?

    Prices typically start from £475 for a 2-hour hire period. However, the price may vary depending on various factors such as the event's duration, location, and additional services.
  • What type of experiences can it produce?

    It can be used as a standalone photo booth in either Portrait or Landscape orientation and comes with additional features such as data collection, advanced Photoshop filters, custom screens and more..
  • Is there any limit to the number of photos that can be taken during the event?

    We provide Unlimited Sessions, which means there is no restriction on the number of photos taken. For each session, we usually print two copies as standard and offer the option for multiple prints with the sharing station feature.
  • How can we customise the Premium Photo Booth Hire to our event theme?

    All you have to do is send us your concepts, including the theme and any assets, and our in-house designers will promptly create a mockup for you. Alternatively, we can provide templates that your designer can use.
  • What are the dimensions for the Premium Photo Booth Hire?

    With its compact and space-saving design, it measures 40 cm in width, 32 cm in depth, and 180 cm in height.

    When not requiring a backdrop, the pod can be placed against a wall or in a corner. However, for setups with a backdrop, we suggest allocating a floor space of 8ft x 6ft to provide enough room for guests to stand between the pod and the backdrop.
  • What's the typical setup and breakdown time?

    Although the setup and breakdown durations may vary, on average, it takes around 1.5 hours for installation and 45 minutes for dismantling.
  • Are there any specific power or technical requirements?

    We only require access to a regular 13A, 3-Pin UK electrical outlet. Our setup includes power extensions and floor tape for your convenience.

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