Selfie Pod Hire for Exclusive London Events

Elevate your next event with our cutting-edge Selfie Pod. The ultimate choice for adding fun and engagement to any London event, our Selfie Pods come in Classic Black or White, blending effortlessly with your event's theme. We also offer custom branding for a more tailored experience.

GIF Photo Booth Hire

Why Snap & Slay's Selfie Pod is the Best Choice?

Our skilled team quickly crafts mockups and creative ideas for your Selfie Pod Hire, ensuring a memorable event.

Key Features of our Selfie Pod

  • Sleek design available in Black, White or Custom Branding
  • Adjustable ring light brightness to suit all environments
  • Pivoting head to capture all angles
  • Requires minimal floor space
  • Fully battery-operated and wireless

We stand out with unique in-house designs, tailored to your vision.

Little Mix GIF Photo Booth

Benefits of Renting a Selfie Pod in London

Our premier Selfie Pod Hire offers more than photo-taking; it's an interactive entertainment hub, creating dynamic selfies and allowing guests to play with various overlays, effects, and layouts.

Share the fun instantly via Email, SMS, QR codes, or directly on social media.

A Selfie Pod Rental is ideal for any event, from vibrant birthdays in Covent Garden to elegant weddings in Mayfair, or bustling trade shows at the ExCel. Enhance every occasion with our Selfie Pod Hire.

Make Your Event Unforgettable with a Selfie Pod for:


Weddings in Bloomsbury


Trade Shows at Olympia London

Birthday Parties in Shoreditch


Corporate Functions in The City


Charity Events and Product Launches in Soho

A Complete Entertainment Solution for Your Event

Our Selfie Pod does more than take photos. It offers full branding for corporate events, and you can even create a beautiful photo mosaic from the pictures taken.

Digital or Prints

Choose between a digital experience, instant photo prints, or both.

Full Branding Options

Personalise the booth with your brand's logo, name or experience.

Online Microsite Gallery

Share your event's photos, GIFs, and videos on a customised online gallery.

Live Slideshow Presentation

Display photos and GIFs on a large screen in real-time.

Event Surveys & Data Collection

Collect valuable feedback and user data for future reference.

Kardashian Style Filter

Add a glamourous touch with our soft skin beauty filter.

Video and Photo Effects

Create engaging photos and videos with custom effects like slow motion.

Interactive Event Competition

Engage your guests with our "Scratch-To-Win" or "Spin-To-Win" features.

AI + Green Screen Technology

Digitally alter the appearance of your Photos, GIFs, and Videos.

Photo Mosaic

Craft a stunning mosaic from your event photos.

Selfie Pod Showcase

Check out the exciting selfies and photos from our Selfie Pods at various events.

Toilet Photo Booth
Branded Photo Booth
Outdoor Wedding Photo Booth at The Dreys
PinkNews GIF Booth London
Camille Rose Launch Event
Duo Camden Photo Booth
Photo Booth Camera Array
Kardashian Photo booth
River Island GIF Booth
Fresh Student Living Event
Uni Freshers Photo booth

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Selfie Pod and how does it enhance events?

    A Selfie Pod is a modern photo booth alternative, capturing dynamic selfies and allowing guests to interact with various digital features. It adds a lively element to any event and offers easy social media sharing.
  • How does a Selfie Pod work to create engaging images?

    The Selfie Pod captures multiple images quickly, creating lively selfies. These can be shared digitally in an instant.
  • What's the cost of hiring a Selfie Pod for an event?

    Starting from £375 in London, prices vary based on custom features and event specifics. Contact us for a detailed quote.
  • Is internet needed for a Selfie Pod?

    No, all necessary assets are pre-loaded, ensuring smooth operation without internet.
  • Does the Selfie Pod offer printouts?

    Yes, in addition to digital images, we provide printing options.
  • How can I customise the Selfie Pod for my event?

    Customise with physical branding, and choose from various overlays, effects, and layouts.
  • Space requirements for a Selfie Pod?

    Our compact design requires minimal floor space, making them a handy addition to any event. Ideal floor space is 4ft x 6ft without a backdrop or 8ft x 8ft with a backdrop.
  • Setup and breakdown time for a Selfie Pod?

    Setup and breakdown typically take 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • What do I need to provide for a Selfie Pod?

    Just space for the pod; it's self-contained and battery-operated.
  • Is there a limit on the number of selfies at an event?

    No limit within the booked time frame.
  • How fast can guests receive their selfies?

    Instantly with an internet connection, or queued for later delivery if offline.

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