The Beauty Cam: A simpler alternative to the GlamBot

Elevate your event with the Crane Beauty Cam, a simpler and more accessible alternative to the traditional GlamBot. Our Beauty Cam captures the essence of red carpet glamour, offering high-quality, dynamic video content that will leave a lasting impression. Ideal for events in London, our service adds a touch of sophistication and excitement, ensuring your guests feel like celebrities.

A Visionary Approach to Red Carpet Coverage

Our Crane Cam features a professional mirrorless camera setup, ensuring clear, vibrant footage.

Lidar Technology

Incorporating the latest Lidar technology, our Crane Cam automatically tracks the subject in the video, ensuring smooth and continuous focus even in dynamic environments.

Slow Motion Capture

The Crane Cam: GlamBot slows down time by 8X, revealing the beauty and emotion of each moment, allowing your guests to relive their red carpet experience in mesmerising detail.

Adjustable Zoom Lens

Our Crane Cam is equipped with an adjustable zoom lens, offering versatility in capturing both close-up glamour shots and wide-angle views of your event. This flexibility allows for creative and varied video content, tailored to the unique atmosphere of your event.

Not Just for Red Carpets

While perfect for red carpet events, the Crane Cam: GlamBot's versatility makes it ideal for a range of occasions. From corporate events to private celebrations, our service adds a unique, engaging element that elevates any gathering.

Dynamic Camera Movement

Experience dynamic camera movement with our Crane Cam. Its fluid, graceful motion captures the energy and excitement of your event, creating engaging, lively footage that truly reflects the spirit of your occasion.

3-Axis Stabilisation

Our Crane Cam boasts 3-axis stabilisation, ensuring smooth, steady footage even in the midst of bustling event activity. This feature guarantees professional-grade video quality, free from shakes and jitters.

Fully Battery-Operated

The fully battery-operated design of our Crane Cam means greater mobility and flexibility. Without the constraints of cables and plugs, we can capture every angle and moment of your event seamlessly.

Example setup of the Crane Beauty Cam

Instantly Shareable Content

Strike a Pose (or two!)

Unleash your inner star with the Beauty Cam. Whether you're alone or with a group, our camera invites you to capture memorable poses, instantly adding glamour to your event.

Dynamic Video Capture

Our Crane Cam brings your event to life with dynamic video capture. It records every smile, twirl, and moment, ensuring your event's energy is beautifully preserved.

Instant Processing

Enjoy immediate gratification with our instant processing. The Crane Cam: GlamBot quickly readies your shots, blending efficiency with high-quality results.

Super-Fast Sharing

Share your event's highlights in a flash. Our Crane Cam offers super-fast sharing, making it effortless to post your glamorous moments online instantly.

Enquire about the Beauty Cam: GlamBot Today!

Interested in adding a touch of cinematic magic to your next event? Enquire about the Beauty Cam today! Contact us to learn more about how we can help make your event truly memorable with our innovative video capture service.

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