Amplify Your Brand With User Generated Videos

Our intuitive web app provides a seamless platform for any audience to engage, connect, and create powerful content that drives meaningful connections.

Boost Sales and Engagement: Reward Your Customers for Stunning User-Created Content.

Short-form video content has become a driving force in marketing, events, testimonials, and team-building. With Snap & Slay's Video Story Platform, you can harness the power of short-form videos to create captivating content that resonates with your audience. Forge lasting connections as you leverage the captivating nature of videos.

Turn Customers into Brand Champions

Encourage your customers to be your brand advocates by rewarding their creativity.

Effortlessly Collect, Moderate, and Share Testimonials

Our web-based UI makes it easy for you to curate and moderate the content efficiently.

Deepen Customer Connections

Enhance loyalty and build a vibrant community with rewarding interactions under your brand.

How It Works

Discover the seamless workflow of Snap & Slay's Video Story Platform:

Scan a QR Code or Follow a Link

Access Snap & Slay's Video Story Platform effortlessly by scanning a QR code or following a dedicated link to a landing page tailored to your campaign.

Engage in a Custom-Branded Experience

Users are guided through a custom-branded experience where they can respond to prompts relevant to your campaign or objectives. This personalised approach enhances engagement and encourages users to share their thoughts openly.

Effortless Content Moderation

Once users submit their videos, you have complete control over the content. Our dashboard provides an intuitive moderation system, allowing you to review and curate the videos before they are shared publicly. This ensures that only relevant and appropriate content reaches your target audience.

Share & Reward

Reward your content creators for successful video submissions and easily download them to showcase them in a live, shareable gallery. Amplify the impact of user-generated content by sharing it across various platforms, engaging a wider audience.

Build Relationships, Retain Customers, and Sell More!

Collect Testimonials and Feedback

Our intuitive web-based UI enables you to effortlessly collect testimonials and feedback from any audience. By leveraging the power of video, you capture genuine emotions and experiences, providing valuable insights and social proof for your business.

Spread the word

Promote your campaign across your social networks and wherever your customers interact.

Create Lasting Bonds

Reward loyal customers and connect with them on a deeper level. Build trust, and create memorable experiences that set your brand apart.

Humanise Your Company, Team, or Brand

Authenticity is paramount in today's business landscape. By sharing genuine videos, you showcase the people behind the scenes, their stories, and the values that drive your organisation.

Talk to us about user-generated videos today!

To learn more about how Snap & Slay can empower your audience feedback and engagement through user-generated videos, get in touch with us.

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