Custom Photo Booth Installation for your Venue

If you are responsible for marketing your venue, whether it's a leisure venue, visitor attraction, bar, or retail store, you may have contemplated the idea of purchasing a photo booth. At Snap & Slay, we offer a top-notch photo booth solution that will not only elevate your customer experience but also amplify your brand's reach through user-generated content.


Our Comprehensive Photo Booth Installation

When you choose Snap & Slay's Photo Booth Install service, you receive an all-inclusive package designed to meet your specific needs:

Cutting-Edge Hardware
Our hardware package includes a high-quality camera, a user-friendly touch screen, a ring light for perfect lighting, and a sleek and simple stand. If desired, we can also assist in designing a custom photo booth shell that perfectly complements your venue and event.

State-of-the-Art Software
Our permanent photo booths, GIF booths, and video booths operate on robust and intuitive app-based software. When you partner with us for a photo booth build, you receive a 12-month license for our software, which includes hosting and SMS costs. Our software is continuously updated with exciting new features, ensuring that you always have access to cutting-edge technology.

Dedicated Account Service
We take pride in providing exceptional customer service to our long-term clients. Our dedicated account service covers comprehensive reporting, expert guidance on maximising the potential of your photo booth, troubleshooting assistance, and free updates that introduce cool new features.


Grow Your Mailing List Effortlessly

Another reason our clients choose Snap & Slay is to grow their mailing lists. With our GDPR-compliant forms, you can seamlessly collect names and email addresses through our permanent photo booth installation.

As part of the photo booth user journey, you can even ask additional questions, such as age verification, to further tailor your marketing efforts. The data collected from your guests is easily integrated into your existing mailing list, allowing you to cultivate long-lasting connections and nurture customer relationships.

Tailored Customisation Options

Double-sided Photo Booth


Wall Mounted Photo Booth

Custom Photo Booth Enclosure

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy With a Photo Booth

Investing in a photo booth can significantly impact your marketing strategy. A permanent photo booth creates a lasting impression on your customers and generates positive word-of-mouth for your brand.

When customers enthusiastically share their photo booth experiences, they are effectively endorsing your venue to their friends and followers. This organic promotion can lead to increased social media following, heightened brand awareness, and ultimately, improved sales.

Digital or Prints

Offer a digital-only experience using the power of social media or add a printer for instant prints.

Full Branding Options

Personalise the enclosure and all digital elements with your brand's logo, name or experience.

Surveys & Data Collection

Collect valuable user data and easily add users to your mailing list.

Online Branded Gallery

All content can be uploaded to a unique gallery that's customised to your brand.

Custom Filters

Add popular filters, overlays and location-specific elements to user-generated content.

Photo & Video Modes

In addition to custom photo layouts and designs, allow users to record short-form video content with audio and special effects.

Gamification & Competition

Offer prizes/competitions using "Scratch-To-Win" or "Spin-To-Win".

Big Screen Slideshow

Showcase user-generated content on an external monitor and include adverts for further promotion.

Unleash the Power of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a powerful marketing tool that leverages positive word-of-mouth to reach new audiences. When your customers share their photo booth experiences with their networks, they effectively become brand ambassadors, spreading the word about your venue organically.

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