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Our Photo Booth Slider is more than a product, it's an experience. It features our innovative Sliding Camera, a twist on the bullet time effect which uses a single camera to generate dynamic, shareable content effortlessly using an iPad, GoPro or Mirrorless Camera.

Video Photo Booth Slider

The Photo Booth Slider in Action

Designed for convenience and versatility, our Photo booth Slider is portable, effortless to set up, and can operate on battery power, making it perfect for installations at diverse locations.

Tailor the Experience: Personalise the final output by branding digital frames, overlays, and the social sharing microsite to your preference. Add a unique touch to every moment captured.

Capture and Create: Allow the magic to unravel. Our skilled attendants guide your guests in crafting captivating GIFs or Videos as the Slider moves in a curved motion.

Share the Fun Instantly: Connect, share, and relive the memories. Text it, email it, or share it on social media directly from our built-in touchscreen display.


Bullet-Time Camera Effect

Traditional full-camera arrays often require more time to set up, lack portability and can be expensive.

The Photo Booth Slider, ingeniously addresses these challenges, bringing animated content creation to new heights with a 120° curved motion to craft a breathtaking '3D style' matrix effect.

Sliding Photo Booth Examples

Check out some examples captured by the Photo Booth Slider at previous events.

Photo Booth Slider
Photo Booth Camera Array

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